Saturday, April 26, 2014

Photo Saturday: Happy Birthday, Mr. Audubon!

In honor of this fantastic artist (who was clearly afflicted by some sort of intelligence-enhancing bird flu-Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child told us so, and if they said it then it must be true), here are some pictures of birdies.

A crane, not demonstrating the Crane Stance.

Geese relaxing along the Mississippi River and ignoring WIU across the street.

Our friend Tiny Woodpecker, who was, alas, Too Good For This Sinful World.

And last, but not least...


And remember, if too many birds start following you, then it might be the Convocation. Take appropriate action, such as screaming like a little girl, or writing a convoluted blog with too many crossovers.


  1. I love listening to the birds and watching their intriguing habits. :)

    (I saw your comment over on the How to Read a Poem post and wanted to encourage you to keep reading poetry and feel free to join us over at Tweetspeak Poetry, to do that with a group of people who are having smart fun in a casual way... that somehow also seems to be life-changing. Stop in? We'd love to welcome you to poetry even more.)

    1. Sounds interesting! Thanks for the invite, I'll drop in some time. :-)