Friday, June 20, 2014

100 Themes Challenge: Flowers

     The following is a transcript from Dr. Claud’s personal recordings. At the time, he was the head doctor of the Denmet Rest Home. He took particular interest in a young girl who displayed symptoms of a schizophrenic disorder, particularly in her speech.

C: And how are you today, Miss Delia?

D: They gave me paints, but the colors are too bright. There are too many.

C: Why do you say that?

D: The world isn’t this colorful. Look out the window. All the flowers are gray.

C: I’m sorry you see it that way. But you can still make the paintings colorful.

D: I can’t. I see, but no one else does. I hear, but the old man can’t hear anymore.

C: Are you talking of your father, dear?

D: Did you ever have a brother? I had one once.

C: You are an only child dear.

D: That’s why the colors are all gray.

The next part is from a few days later. This is around the time Dr. Claud began to show signs of nervousness and anxiety.

D: Dr. Claud, are you in charge here?

C: Of course I am, Miss Delia. What is it you need?

D: Only to give you a flower, sir.

C: Rosemary? How…lovely. Thank…thank you Miss Delia.

This occurs a week later. The patient had requested various flowers for her room. As they were safe from causing any harm, the nurse in charge had them brought to the patient, hoping that they would keep her calm.

C: What is the meaning of this?

D: Everything has meaning. Rue has meaning. It helps me see.

C: You should have brought this to my attention, nurse! I see what she is trying to do, but I won’t have it!

N: But doctor, she—

C: Out.

D: Does the doctor need more rosemary? I had a father. His name was Polly, but he flew away across the sea.

C: No, he did not! He died in a car accident, girl, you understand me?

D: I had a brother too. So did you. But we don’t have them anymore, and yours can’t hear.

C: Stop it…

D: I still have daisies. I will always have daisies. Hamilton brought them to me, you know.

C: I’m leaving, and I will have these flowers cleaned up. I won’t have it, you hear, girl? I won’t have it!

This is the last of the relevant recordings we could find among Dr. Claud’s personal effects. A mere day after this, another patient, named Hamilton, murdered Dr. Claud when he made a routine visit. He and Delia both disappeared that night, and their whereabouts are as yet unknown.

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