Thursday, June 5, 2014

100 Themes Challenge: Happiness

     The moon was shining down on the lake, reflecting light onto the face of the girl who sat on the bank, head leaned back, enjoying the cool night air. Somewhere, a whippoorwill called, and crickets sang their night song. A gentle breeze played over the water and through the grass, where it blew the girl’s hair back over her shoulder.
     The glowing eyes of a deer fixed on her for a moment; she hoped she was still and calm enough that it would stay, but after eyeing her warily it bounded away, back into the woods. Frogs were jumping in and out of the water, filling the quiet air with gentle “plop plop plops”. The sky was cloudless. She could see the constellations splayed out in their full glory. It was beautiful, this place. She had the cabin and the lake all to herself, which was exactly what she wanted. Just to get away and enjoy nature.
     An owl flew overhead, then landed in a tree nearby and hooted at her. She waved, but said nothing. Bats flitted overhead, enjoying the abundance of bugs the lake produced. The whole area was alive, joyous. The girl leaned back on her elbows and looked up at the moon again, so bright and full. She felt if she died here, she would be perfectly content.

     Which was a good thing, since she did not notice the werewolf coming up behind her.

A/N: Over-contrived and nonsensical. I think I had too much coffee when I wrote this...

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