Wednesday, June 11, 2014

100 Themes Challenge: Under the Rain

     The cloud often wondered what it would be like to be rained on. Oh, it did more than enough raining itself, but it never knew what it felt like. It was interesting to watch the reactions of those who did.
     He usually saw the smallest things, insects and the like, scurry to hide under something, anything. Small mammals, and some larger ones, would do the same. They would hurry under leaves, or trees, or into caves or other places.
    Birds maintained a stoic attitude about the whole thing. They would sit in trees or on those strange wires that ran everywhere, occasionally ruffling their feathers. Ducks and geese didn’t seem to mind at all. But then again, they lived in the water a lot. They were used to it.
     Human reactions were the most amusing. The older ones would get out large things that popped up over their heads like mushrooms. They would dash into whatever shelter they could find, and complain loudly about how the weather was so unpredictable. The cloud was a bit offended by all this-it wasn’t really that unpredictable, silly humans! But it still tried not to let lightning hit the metal on those mushrooms. The results were never pleasant.
     Smaller humans seemed to relish the rain though. They would whirl around in the water, and jump into the puddles made, and get downright messy by the end of it all. The cloud liked watching this. It looked like so much fun!
     Day after day, the cloud would move along, watching it all. Finally, it had enough.
     “Fellows!” he called out. “I’m going down there to see what it’s like! I’ll be back!” He hurried down, but thought he heard voices calling out, “Don’t!” and “Dissipate!” Envy, that’s what it was. They envied him for his bravery.
      However, once closer to the ground, he felt strange and sluggish. The smaller humans were no longer happy. They were nervous.
     “It’s hard to see,” they said. “We can’t play out here anymore. Let’s go home.”
     The cloud watched them go with regret. He wasn’t even raining now.
     Being this close to the ground made him feel tired. He began to think that simply lying down would do the trick. He had never felt the need to lie down before, but now he did. He tried to stretch himself along the ground. But instead he felt like….

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