Sunday, June 8, 2014

Random Babbling-Family, Bugs, and Another Reason to Wear A Skirt

I have several things to say, none of which would make for a full blog post. So I'm just going to ramble on aimlessly and hope something makes sense. (This is my usual method of writing blogs anyways.)

1.) So after reading "Walkin' With the Ghost Whisperers", I discovered that the Sarver cabin J.R. Tate visited is not in fact that same Sarver cabin my Granddad lived in. One is on the trail that leads to Dragon's Tooth. The other is on Sinking Creek, by a trail leading over Brush Mountain. Then Mom told me that there is a sign up Rte. 621 labeled "Sarver Place" and pointing down a dirt road. This may lead to to the place on Sinking Creek. It may lead to an entirely different Sarver place, because if there's one thing Craig County has in abundance, it's Sarvers.

2.) There's nothing like taking a walk on an actual dirt road away from people to clear your head and get your imagination working.

3.) On that note, bugs don't like basil. Like at all. After FlyGate last week, I hung tea bags of basil around the doors and windows. Maybe one or two have gotten in at most. I now have an actual basil plant, which I intend to put in a pot just outside the door, and then I will have fresh basil, and also mosquitoes will literally run from your hand if you have a basil leaf in it. It's kind of hilarious. However, I have yet to find something that has the same effect on spiders.

Other than this.

4.) Which reminds me...the problem with johnny houses is that bees and spiders like to hang out there. This is a problem if you have a phobia of both bees and spiders. When there is a choice between that and the bush, you know you're out of civilization, even if it's just a church picnic.

Good news, everyone! I found a great new reason to wear skirts! It's much easier to surreptitiously duck behind some bushes and crouch down wearing a skirt than it is to tug down a pair of pants first!


  1. My daughter is so super smart.....definitely bushes if there's spider webs in the john....but then your Uncle Faron got bitten by a brown recluse in some bushes while trying to take a pic of some solution.....wait til ya get home. Works for

    1. Doesn't work when you're going to be in a place for several hours straight, and you just had coffee and water.

      I wasn't in the bushes proper. I was behind some bushes in a clearing.

      And Uncle Faron gets bit by spiders because he doesn't look out for them. Clearly the brown recluse was tired of him stomping around its house. :P

  2. Speaking of spiders, we had a big spider scare yesterday morning in grandad's room on his lamp shade. The thing was big enough to carry Pup off & poor ole grandad could'nt see it. But I did, oh dear Lord, I did