Monday, July 7, 2014

Movie Review: Frozen

     So there’s this song out there. Kids sing it a lot.

    Yeah. That song. Turns out, it’s connected to a really awesome movie.  I feel like Disney’s regaining some of its verve, which I think is due in part to their trying new things with the typical Disney fairy tale formula.

     Frozen, if you’ve been living under a rock for the past eight months or so, is the story of two sisters. Elsa, the older sister, has some kind of ice magic. While playing around with it as a child, she accidentally injures her younger sister Anna. As a result, the king and queen, unsure what else to do, keep her isolated from the outside world and encourage her not to let her emotions out, thinking that is the cause of her powers growing.

     When tragedy occurs, because dead parents are the fictional hero’s best friend, Elsa ascends the throne, just in time to have an argument with Anna over her decision to marry a man she quite literally met the same day. (Disney takes joy in mocking their own trope here.) Her powers grow out of control, bringing a deadly winter down upon the kingdom, and Elsa flees to the mountains, thinking if she only stays away from people, they will be safe. Anna, meanwhile, heedlessly sets off to find her, while it appears her fiancé’s visiting relatives might have less than savory plans for the kingdom.

     It’s a very fun movie, with wonderfully drawn characters (in every sense of that word) and interesting humor. (“Marrying a man you just met” becomes a running gag, and there is an entire song by the snowman about the joys of heat, with him oblivious to the horrible implications of it all.) Disney also takes great joy in deconstructing their own tropes, from the “first date marriage” to subverting the villains. (The trolls, for example, are actually quite nice and helpful, although they’d be a sight more helpful if they weren’t so. Darn. Cryptic.)

     It’s a great movie, and I suspect will be known in the future as one of the most well-loved in the Disney collection.

     Although, personally, I think this would have been the best ending ever:

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