Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Twitterature, July 2014; or, I read too many books at once

It's that time again, kids. Time to have a brief overview of what Erica is reading. And oh boy, am I reading some confusing things lately.


These Two Guys go camping in Ireland, and find a weird crater in the Earth with the ruins of an old house and garden. They find a diary that turns out to be the Apocalyptic Log of the previous resident. The poor guy has weird things happen to him: random disembodied traveling through time and space; random suns; and also those pig people from Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. What exactly is going on? I...I don't know. I really don't know. I'm very very puzzled right now.


Westeros really does sound like a horrible place to be. In fact, everywhere is a horrible place to be. Joffrey is still king, which is bad for everyone; the country is still fighting one another; Danaerys has discovered that people ain't got no respect for dragons that aren't big enough to eat them; and Winter Is Still Coming. Why do people want to live in this universe again?

Speaking of...


The LannistersLancasters and StarksYorks are still going at it in Henry VI. Thus far Henry was king, then Edward, then Henry, then Edward again, France is laughing at them, and people are obsessed with roses. The Queen of Hearts apparently took this all very seriously as well.


More cosmic horror is happening, as Clark Ashton Smith is wont to write about. Thus far I am on the first story, in which the narrator, for reasons unknown, was tortured then shoved into an eldritch desert full of space dust by some easily offended warlocks. There's a giant spider...thing? And also a lady statue that screams. It's almost as confusing as The House on the Borderland.


Look, pleasant reading! It's pleasant reading, wow! I've actually been listening to a dramatic reading of it over on Librivox. I've never actually read the book; I just watched the movie. So far I'm really enjoying it. The book follows Heidi, the young orphan girl who is sent to live with her antisocial grandfather in the Swiss Alps. She's a clever five year old for whom everything is new and interesting. Spyri has a lot of descriptions of the beauties of the alps and the idyllic pastoral life. 

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