Friday, August 22, 2014

ClassicWho Reviews: Planet of Giants

     “Honey, I Shrunk the TARDIS Crew!”

     That says all you need to know about this serial. Our heroes arrive on Earth, as Ian and Barbara have hoped, but they are very tiny. As soon as they step outside, they see a giant earthworm—which promptly dies. As they explore their suddenly giant surroundings, they start finding evidence of something science-y going down; an Evil BusinessmanTM has manufactured an insecticide that is too deadly to be authorized! Wait, Barbara, did you just stick your hand in an unknown substance…?

     After the Evil Businessman murders the government scientist who has denounced his insecticide, the Doctor and Co. work separately along with Evil Businessman’s aide to stop him from distributing the Not!DDT to the world.

     It isn’t the best of serials, but it’s mildly entertaining, in a “giant bugs” way. Unfortunately none of them found a discarded oatmeal cream pie to snack on in the interim, more’s the pity.

Is it weird that I always crave an oatmeal cream pie after watching this scene?

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