Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ClassicWho Reviews: The Space Museum and The Chase

     There is a museum. A space museum, you could call it. The TARDIS crew decide to wander around in it and enjoy the exhibits, despite not leaving any sort of trace of their presence at all. Vicki squees over a Dalek casing, because that’s what everyone else was doing in the Sixties, but the fun ends when they find themselves preserved as exhibits.

     They discover the planet, called Xeros, is under occupation by the Morok empire. The Doctor is captured so he can go on holiday, Ian and Barbara get lost, and Vicki joins La Resistance. They easily acquire weapons because she can apparently reprogram the security door to let them in.

     It ends rather easily for them all, since the Moroks aren’t the brightest bulbs in the universe. The Xerons give them a time visualizer and send them on their way.

     While Daleks start revving up their own time machines. Well, darn.

      Once again, this one wasn’t the greatest. Just another planet with strange humanoids who are fighting a resistance. The space museum had potential (and in my opinion was done much better in the new series serial Dalek), but this wasn’t one of the better ones.

     Now, the next one…people don’t seem to like it, but to me, this next one is wonderful and amazing and hilarious and I love it like I love chocolate cake.

     While watching their new visualizer, the TARDIS crew become aware of the Daleks chasing them. They land first on a desert planet, where Daleks reveal their dislike of sand, but also exterminate all the natives because…well, they exist. Barbara’s cardigan is also exterminated, but it was for a good cause.

     Next, they arrive at the Empire State Building, where a good old boy from Alabama is puzzled by both a police box and Daleks, and is taken away by security for reasons of insane fanboying. (He gets reincarnated as a different character, so it’s okay.)

     Then, the TARDIS lands on the Mary Celeste, which is abandoned because Daleks arrived, and scared everyone off.  Ian is hit on the head again by a friend, because that is what his life is like. Also, a Dalek falls off the side of the ship and yells “Yarrr”, because that was the village idiot Dalek, and none of the others liked him anyways.


     They wind up in an abandoned haunted house, that no one knew was actually an abandoned haunted house, which was apparently abandoned because the robot attractions start attacking them, and wind up even scaring away the Daleks. Vicki sneaks aboard the Dalek ship, which is a great idea.

     Finally, they end up on the planet Mechanus, where Steven, who is not from Alabama, is held captive by Mechonoids. Vicki escapes the Dalek ship and the crew help Steven escape, while the Daleks try to build a fake Doctor who looks nothing like the Doctor. The Daleks and the Mechonoids get into a fight, wherein the Daleks shout things about “destroy and rejoice”, which would sound nice if it wasn’t so horrifying.

     In the end, Ian and Barbara have had enough, hop into the Dalek timeship, and go back to London.

     Unfortunately, it’s been two years and they have to explain where precisely they had been for two years.

     (Later, they will have to explain precisely why they haven’t aged since the Sixties…but that’s another question for another time.)

     Overall, this was extremely entertaining, if a bit odd and goofy. The writers were attempting to make the Daleks comic relief, which they were. (I suspect the same Dalek that had trouble with basic math was the one who fell over the side of the ship. It would explain a lot. They hadn’t started exterminating their village idiots yet.)

     A lot of people really hate this one, but I loved it because it was a bit slapstick. To be fair, Daleks were so popular a lot of their scarier aspects were already gone. (Remember that stupid Christmas song?) Luckily for us, the Daleks regain their creepy status later on.

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