Monday, October 27, 2014

Cool Internet Things

I ran out of my blog buffer, and then I did not write any blog posts this weekend, because I am a lazy, lazy person. So, today, we're just going to look at random stuff I found on the Internet. And by "random" I really, genuinely do mean random. There is no logic to this list.

1. Speaking of logic, our first link is about good ol' Lewis Carroll. The dear man got the bright idea to put titles on the spines of books, so we don't have to flip through twenty pages to find the title. (Seriously, the title page is getting farther and farther away from the actual cover. What's with that?) Thank you for your logic, Mr. Carroll.

2. Moving on about writers, there are some things you should never say to a writer. Don't tell me we're out of coffee. Never tell me that.

3. and 4. Get yer webcomics right here! We got Darths and Droids, which is what would happen if roleplayers had never heard of Star Wars and turned it into a game.I CAST SUMMON BIGGER FISH. Also, Hark a Vagrant, which I have linked to the one about the highly insecure King George IV and George Washington dropping the Constitution. Completely by accident. Totally.

5. Mark Reads Stuff.. You are not prepared. It all started when Mark decided to read Twilight to see what the hype and counterhype was about. The attempt at a fair and objective look ended as Mark spiralled ever downward into madness. Next, he decided to take on Harry Potter, and we get to watch him start out cynical and embittered (Twilight has that effect) to descending into shameless fanboying. Reviews contain an astonishing amount of swears and liberal politics, but the main part is ALL THIS EXCITEMENT ABOUT THE STORIES YOU GUYS. (No, really, there are lots of all-caps parties.)

6. You know, Jon Pertwee? That oldster that played the Third Doctor? And how he has that tattoo? Yeah, he really did get the tattoo in the Navy. He deeply regretted it.
     He was also a spy for the British government.
     Best Doctor ever.

7. Speaking of the Doctor, have you ever wanted to see Cybermen do the Harlem Shake? No? Too bad, you get to see it anyways.

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