Sunday, October 19, 2014

Horus Reads the Internet--I think Lutheran Satire has their own archenemy now

Oh, Horus. You so silly.


  1. The guys at Lutheran Satire didn't do their homework on this one. Jesus was of the Horite lineage.

    1. Lutheran Satire's videos regarding Horus were made to argue against those who claim that Christ was not real, but simply a new take on Horus. Most of these claims are based on untrue assertions regarding the myths surrounding Horus, such as him rising from the dead (it's part of the myth of Osiris), his being born on December 25th (which is never mentioned anywhere in the myths), or his being born of a virgin (the myth still has it as a pairing between Isis and Osiris, regardless of the...err..."implements" used...) You seem to be coming from the different viewpoint that older myths are merely imperfect understandings of God's truth.

      I had never heard of this concept of the "Horite lineage" until now. I'd prefer to do more research on that subject.