Friday, January 16, 2015

Quick Lit January 2015: History, History Everywhere!

Right now, I'm reading exactly one book. That is Babylon: Mesopotamia and the Birth of Civilization by Paul Kriwaczek.

So far, it's been something of a rehashing of The Sumerians, but rather than giving a very detailed look at the structure of the civilization, it's been focused on the bigger picture, discussing how the beginnings of civilization in general has affected the world.

I finished The Two Towers, and I am still amused by the line comparing Shelob to a cat: Sauron calls her a cat, but she doesn't own him, which pretty much sums up cats altogether.

I also finished The Casual Vacancy. I'm doing the 2015 Reading Challenge over on Modern Mrs. Darcy. I'll give a longer review later, but to sum it up, it was simultaneously exactly what I expected and nothing like I expected; I hated the characters, but felt compelled to finish their stories to the end. I think the reason it wasn't well-received was because it followed up on the fairly optimistic world of Harry Potter. not very optimistic.

Anyways, after reading about British neuroses for so long, first with Ramsey Campbell and now with J.K. Rowling (AND SERIOUSLY, ENGLAND, DO WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT YOUR DADDY ISSUES?), I think I'll return to the comfortable world of Mitford for a time. Not to mention I'll be starting classes, so my reading time will be eaten up with historical facts and poetry.

So, this is my quick lit, and hop over to Modern Mrs. Darcy for more book recommendations!

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