Sunday, February 15, 2015

Quick Lit: February, 2015-We're still in the ancient past, y'all

So I've been reading more. This is good, but part of that is reading for my college classes. I've been reading more poetry, both for my poetry writing course and my survey literature course (pretty sure those two professors are comparing notes over coffee). I'm also taking a Western Civ course, and we're just finishing up with the Greeks. But meanwhile, my personal reading is still in Egypt.

My brother recommended this one as a good overview of the culture in ancient Egypt. So far I'm enjoying the details Metz gives, as well as the healthy scholarly skepticism over certain ambiguous parts of the culture. I'm on the fighting techniques, which seem to consist of "run at them and hit them a lot". Also there was that time two random guys told the Pharaoh that the enemy army was going another direction, and he thought they were totally legit.
I finished King Lear! It was a heart-wrencher, that's for sure. It took me longer than I thought because I tried to sit and puzzle out the Fool's cryptic nonsense before giving up and reading the footnotes. I understand there's an adaptation with Michael Gambon as the titular character, which probably explains a lot about his portrayal of Dumbledore as well.
There are My Little Pony comics! And they are just as good as the show, trust me. In fact, I would almost say the comics were written more for the older fans of the show rather than the target audience. It feels like the storylines are both a bit darker, and a little more self-aware. The first volume contained several Anchorman references (SPIKE HAS A TRIDENT) as well as some trope-ish jokes about villainous behavior. Also, Twilight has just about reached Dark Phoenix levels of power, which is completely awesome. I'm on the second volume now, and it appears that the Nightmare Moon entity is back, and there are wooshie things. Good show, wooshie things.
So I've been wanting to read this one for a while. It sounds creepy, and it was one of the winners of the Iowa Children's Choice Awards, but luckily I didn't have to fight off any small children to get it. I haven't started it yet; that will probably be tonight, and then we'll see.
So that's my current reading. You can go check out the other lists at Modern Mrs. Darcy!

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