Friday, April 24, 2015

Erica Writes Poetry: SHOES


My shoes have holes in them
I step off my porch onto the wet stone
Hoping the tread will hold up as I tiptoe carefully
Delicate as a ballerina
Down the makeshift path
The soles slap out a wet rhythm in the melted snow
My feet brisk, finding the driest spots
Sometimes I stretch my legs wide
Vaulting over puddles, balancing on one foot, then setting it back down
Another quiet splash, and I’m on my way
It can’t be like this forever
The water stretches across the sidewalk, hemmed on both sides by snow
I look back, and wonder how far
I will have to go to get around the obstacle
Then I take a deep breath
Set one old shoe into the snow and wince
As the icy water touches my sock
Take another step, this time the snow is to my ankle
My feet are no longer warm
No longer dry
But I am on the other side

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