Monday, April 27, 2015

Links and Babbling

     Every now and then, I see something Cool on The Internet. Instead of making a blog post every time this happens, I like to collect them and throw them at you all at once.

     So, what's the big news?

     Well, Evan, the genius behind the StanFrederick series, has started a new Slender series, and so far it has been just as compelling as the last one. The whole plot? The sun went down, and has not come back up. Apparently Slendy can now affect the universe as a whole, which may be completely terrifying. The series just started, so get to watching now.

     On this note, the THAC boys have started teasing their new series. We knew the series would take place within the same universe as Marble Hornets, but now it appears that someone is starting to investigate the events. Bits and pieces of Alex's old website are being uncovered. (Ironically, the website everyone thought was a gamejack at the beginning. Talk about trolling your audience.) We also have codes, lots and lots of codes, because of course we do. So, will D. Scott discover the truth behind the Marble Hornets project? Will we get to see the movie in all its pretentious glory? Will the Operator appear, or has he moved to Hollywood permanently? THE WORLD MAY NEVER KNOW.

     Over here, we got the pastor facial hair map, which describes how your facial hair should look depending on your denomination. It's as ridiculous as it sounds.

     On Ancient Faith Radio, one podcast ponders ye olde religion vs. science debate, and how it doesn't really have to be a debate. I haven't listened to the second part, but it's an interesting look at this particular controversy.

     Finally, Bach on boomwhackers. You're welcome.

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