Friday, April 3, 2015

NuWho Reviews: Rose and The End of the World

     Well, we made it. Here we are, NuWho. Where companions are not so awkwardly dressed and the Doctor is going through an extended mid-life crisis. Also, ears.


     Rose Tyler is your average girl: devoted boyfriend, boring job at the shop, plastic mannequins coming to life and 


     I hate Autons.

     Luckily for Rose, a man in a leather jacket appears out of nowhere, introduces himself as the Doctor, and tells her to run. He then blows up the shop.

      Bless you, Nine.

     Naturally, this isn’t the end of it. A plastic arm has followed Rose home, and the Doctor shows up again to defeat the plastic menace. Again. Rose Googles the Doctor, and instead of realistically coming up with five thousand fan sites, she only finds actual Doctors. Until she discovers Clive the totally-not-an-obsessed-Doctor-Who-fan. She heads to his house and discovers the Doctor has been seen throughout time, while her boyfriend Mickey gets replaced by a plastic duplicate, because that’s the kind of life poor Mickey has.

     Not!Mickey doesn’t know how to human, the Doctor arrives to save Rose again, and then while he searches for the base of the Nestene Consciousness Rose points out the giant obvious London Eye in the background. The Doctor goes there to…negotiate? Turns out, he wasn’t able to save their homeworld in some big war. So he wants to help them! However, during that same big war, he did something that seriously freaked them out, even more than they freak me out. Also they’d much rather just annihilate human life instead of, you know, coexisting. (This happens a lot on Doctor Who.) Rose manages to save the day, and runs off with the Doctor…after being a jerk to poor Mickey.

     So…how does this compare? It was fun, I hate Autons, and the Ninth Doctor is awesome. They start setting up the big mystery surrounding the Doctor, but I had trouble with Rose because of how much of a jerk she was to Mickey. Seriously, if I was faced with Autons, I would cry like a little girl. Let’s see how this pans out…

The End of the World


     I kid. It’s not the end of the world. Well, not for us. The Doctor decides to really impress Rose by taking her to the literal end of the world. Platform One, a space station that orbits the Earth, is the site of a huge going away party for the Earth. Turns out everyone had been staving off the sun’s expansion to preserve Earth, but they finally decided it’s high time for it to go. We meet many bizarre aliens: the wise and mysterious Face of Boe (who is a literal giant face in a container), sentient tree people from the Forest of Cheem (after the Doctor gives “the gift of breath from his lungs” Jabe appears to develop a crush on him), and the Adherents of the Repeated Meme, who are not in fact contributors to the Know Your Meme website. Also in attendance is the “last pure human”, the Lady Cassandra who is a giant sheet of skin on a frame that must be constantly moisturized. She is also extremely annoying.

     It’s all a bit overwhelming for Rose, especially when they start playing “Toxic”. This is pre-50 Shades, but no doubt Rose has some sort of clairvoyance and knew what madness would be wrought with that song. But none of that matters, because the Adherents have released cybernetic spiders of death that tamper with the systems and start lowering the solar shielding-meaning everyone will be burned up A LOT.

The Doctor has strange ideas about "romantic first dates"...

     Also Lady Cassandra is behind it all, in case she wasn’t obvious enough for you.

     I think this was a better one, partly because we see Rose actually thinking about what just happened. She’s lonely and confused, and probably wondering why she ran off with a man she barely knows, and if she’ll ever get home. We also get some plot points: someone mentions “Bad Wolf” which will become super incredibly very important, and in a conversation with Jabe we discover that the Doctor is the last of the Time Lords and that Gallifrey was destroyed in that huge war. Overall, this is where we start getting a sense of setting and character. It also kicks off the arc for the next eight series.

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