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NuWho Reviews: The Unquiet Dead, Aliens of London, and World War Three

NuWho: Series 1, Part 2

     So here we are, continuing our journey with Christopher Eccleston and his ears. When last we left our heroes, Rose was enjoying an Earth that had not been consumed by the sun. But it’s time to leave modern times and go into the Victorian Era, which I’m pretty sure is the Doctor’s favorite Earth era ever.

The Unquiet Dead

     The Doctor still cannot properly pilot his own spaceship. Instead of arriving in Naples, they wind up in Cardiff, most likely near the BBC quarry. See, the zombie apocalypse is happening.

     No, really. Zombie apocalypse. Dead people are getting taken over by a blue vapor and start wandering around. One wanders into Charles Dickens’ reading of A Christmas Carol. Hijinks ensue, Rose is kidnapped because she decided to see why someone was carting the previously vapor’d dead woman away, and the Doctor pursues with Dickens. (He also fanboys over Dickens, and it is adorable.)

"Can...can I touch you?"

     They find Rose at a funeral parlor manned by a clairvoyant maid and populated with a couple zombies. The Doctor decides a séance is in order, and everything goes…surprisingly smoothly. There’s a spacetime rift in Cardiff, and some aliens who were displaced from their homeworld and bodies thanks to the Time War. Can they have some new bodies, and a place to chill? Rose is a bit freaked out by it, but the Doctor is fine with it because guilt. So everything seems to be going smoothly, it looks like we’ll all go home happy if a little freaked out by zombi—

     Oh, come on, you want to take over the entire world too? What is with these aliens? They can’t just be like “ohai humans, we can haz apartment?” No, they want the whole world. It’s a big place! With lots of beaches! We can all share! Overpopulation be damned, you’re aliens, you have technologies.

You're probably Force Ghosts too, which makes it even more ridiculous!

     So this was a fun episode, and a bit creepy as well. It was interesting to see them continue to use the idea of clairvoyance and telepathy (I think at this point it had been established that all humans are passively telepathic in the Doctor Who universe. But don’t quote me on that.) I was a bit disappointed with the Gelth, as there seemed to be no particular reason they would want to TAKE OVER THE WORLD.

     We also get a few more arc points. This shows us the continued devastation from the Time War, and Gwyneth sees something about the Bad Wolf in Rose’s mind, which indicates it will center around her. (Or, rather, in her.) It also started the joke about Cardiff being so important because of the Rift (when in reality it’s because that’s where they film the show).

Aliens of London

     The Doctor and Rose arrive back in London after their previous adventures.’s not been twelve hours.

     It’s been twelve months.

     In a shocking dose of reality, Rose’s mother has been in agony, Mickey has been interrogated time and again because they thought he kidnapped Rose, and the Doctor discovers the more common connotation of the phrase “companion” when everyone gives him the side eye.

     But enough of that, because a spaceship crashes into Big Ben, and appears to have been piloted by genetically modified pigs. 

*Insert Amnesia/House on the Borderlands reference here*

     Also the spaceship was actually launched from Earth, and Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North, would like to talk about cottage hospitals. She sneaks into a meeting, only to discover that the acting PM is in fact an alien. In a human suit. Yep, unzips at the forehead and everything. Only downside is that they have to compress their forms, which causes fart jokes to ensue. Meanwhile, Jackie calls UNIT on the Doctor, who promptly make him work for them again.

     Aaaand that’s the top alien experts of the world all gathered in one place. This can’t end badly, right?

     So I enjoyed this first half of the two parter. It actually showed the consequences of faffing around the universe without telling anyone. It also gave us a very, very weird beginning and some very weird aliens. And also Harriet Jones, who is completely awesome.

"Look at all the f***s I give!"

World War Three

     When we last left our heroes, they had all been killed by electricity. Except the Doctor, he gets to live. Mickey had discovered an impostor policeman trying to kill Jackie, and it turns out the aliens really just want to raid Earth to sell crap. Well, it’s…original. They’re also kind of crazy, because hunting people is a thing they do for amusement.


     So, the Doctor’s plan? Seal them all in a room together, then use Rose’s super-magic-timey-phone to call Mickey and walk him through how to hack into UNIT, which is probably the silliest hacking job ever. By hacking into UNIT, he can launch a naval missile at 10 Downing Street, which is probably what a lot of people have wanted to do for a long time. And in their sealed room, they can apparently withstand said missile.

     The day is saved, Harriet Jones, MP for Flydale North takes charge and the Doctor recognizes her as a future PM, and Mickey is still feeling very “nope” about very dangerous adventures in the space-time continuum. So it’s off for more adventures! With the Doctor promising to get Rose back by dinner time now.

I know, Doctor, mums spoil all the fun.

     It was a fun little ride. A bit convoluted, but fairly lighthearted in comparison to the last two episodes.



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