Saturday, April 4, 2015

Womenfolk can't know how to football

You know, sexism doesn't actually exist. Girls just take things way out of context. In fact, most men are happy to be nice to girls, as long as they are pretty women and go on dates with them whenever they ask. Sexism does not exist.

I mean, take this chick who just got hired as the first female NFL ref. Sarah Thomas. Sure, she's officiated football before, but people are worried you guys. They're not mad that a girl is doing man things, they're just worried for her. So worried. They don't want her to get herself hurt. It's not safe out there for a little woman, you know? I mean, there's a lot of big scary manly men out there on the field. What if the NFL is just doing this for publicity? Is she really even qualified?

Fricking periods, how do they work?

Why can't the ladies just leave the men to their menning?

But these men are extra manly. Don't you see how super manly they are? They're, like, Conan, or something. She's gonna get Crom's attention doing this, and you all know that's a bad idea.

Lol. Sexism. Not even a real thing.

Inb4 five million people insist I'm just being a silly emotional woman, because that's how you win arguments. But seriously, do you want your every move questioned based on your equipment?

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