Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Erica Writes Poetry: Geek culture, geek culture everywhere

It was deliberate reference day, and then I drank too much caffeine and this happened.

A Fangirl’s Dream Band

I’ve decided to form a band
I’m going to call it “Self-Righteous Higher Life Forms”
I have a lot to choose from
On the older side of things, you have the Fair Folk
They’re prickly things, the Fair Folk, but I heard they can throw a great party.
I would invite Zeus
But he always abuses the groupies
And then his wife catches him in bed with them, and they trash the hotel rooms fighting.
It’s a new world, and we need new blood
Thor will be lead singer
German metal is in now, you know
Q will be jealous, he’s such a diva
But I’ll distract him with pyrotechnics and stage lighting and all the flashy things
Cthulhu agreed to play guitar
I’ll keep energy drinks around, dude always goes to sleep on us
I tried getting hold of Kosh
But I only got voicemail, and he never calls back
Maybe I’ll shoot an email off to Illyria
I need a drummer who can hit hard.

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