Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hiatus; or, My Life Is Chaos

I want to find the Deviant who made this picture and shake their hand.

So. Chaos. I started a full time job. It involves answering lots of phones, and any person who is needed is in a meeting. But in all seriousness, I'm actually enjoying it. (I'm secretary at a center for adults with developmental disabilities, so due to the sensitive nature of the job I won't be saying exactly where or give many details about it.) Keeping busy makes the day go faster.

However, along with starting a new job, I am also in the middle of finals. So far, finals have been: 1.) Drive out to QC to take final, only to discover when professor said it would be available he didn't mean literally that day, because the campus was closed, and 2.) Scramble around trying to get tests proctored, discover one test doesn't need to be but another test, which said it had to be taken on campus and the professor insisting the campus is closed this Saturday despite the website clearly stating otherwise, doesn't need to be done on campus and trying to get that test proctored as well, and also working up courage to submit poems to a magazine, because that is more difficult than taking an actual poetry test, and 3.) Reading funny things on the Internet instead of, you know, studying.

Also, we have a stray cat who is insisting she is actually our cat, and she appears to be bringing her boyfriends around now, and I expect the basement will be full of kittens in no time.

I have taken a couple poems down from the blog as I will be submitting them, but there is one scheduled poem coming up in which I attempt slant rhymes without sounding like a desperate pop song writer.

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