Saturday, May 16, 2015

Quick Lit: May 2015: The Finals Slump

So, basically, it's finals time, which means less reading, more studying. However, there are a few books I want to mention briefly.


     I've already finished this book, actually. It was a quick read, and I have an hour lunch now. I can read a lot in one hour. do I say this? I chose this book because of the cover. Unfortunately I've had bad experiences in the past choosing a book because it has a pretty cover, and this was no exception. The book was light and fluffy, which was good for finals week reading, but unfortunately that translated to a rather vapid plot and writing style, as well as some other problems that I'll go into when I write a larger review. Let's just say, it was a stereotypical Christian romance novel, and I really wish Christian writers would actually think about what they're writing rather than focusing on hammering a moral into the plot.
     (Honestly, I'm sitting here without the book in front of me and I can barely remember what the plot was, much less the names of the characters. It was something to read at the moment but sadly forgettable.)


     My former coworkers at the library gave me an Amazon gift card as a going away present. Naturally, I immediately went home and ordered Lincoln Child's new book. I'm adding this to the Reading Challenge, but I'm not sure what I'll classify it as yet. I can add it to "favorite author", but I have another book in mind for that. I can also add it to "book published this year", but I'm really hoping it will wind up on the NYT bestseller list. Preston and Child's books, together and separate, tend to wind up there. And there's a Pendergast book coming up in November (SQUEE) that will wind up somewhere on the Reading Challenge too.
     I haven't started it yet. I still have a couple finals to go and I'd rather start it when I can focus on it fully. Needless to say, next Tuesday I'm starting on it. It's a haunted house mystery involving our favorite enigmalogist Jeremy Logan, who previously took on a mystical Arctic monster that may or may not have been Ithaqua and the spirit of an Egyptian queen who was feeling a bit surly. He also kind of helped when some people were trying to figure out why the Daleks dropped a bunch of dangerous super weapons into the Atlantic. (Look, that's my head canon for Deep Storm and there is nothing that will change that, nothing.) So, let's see how he handles something closer to home.


     Some more fluffy finals reading. It's not bad so far, but it's been rather typical of romance novels. I think after this I will have had my share of fluff. Perhaps I'll delve into some more Cthulhu mythos, because everyone loves Cthulhu.

     Speaking of, this is on my list. I'm gonna read the crap out of that book, if for no other reason than because it was written by Nostalgia Chick fans.

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