Monday, June 8, 2015

More Cool Internet Things

     It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been attempting to combine work and preventing the house from becoming unlivable while poor Dale works, argues politics, and learns code. It’s been a crazy time for both of us. For now, I have some links that you might all find interesting. Per usual they are, in fact, eclectic, because I like looking at all the Internet things. Well, no, not all. There are certain, ah, sections of the Internet that I desperately avoid.

First off, a Project 44 update!

For those not in the know, the Marble Hornets website is actually being updated. Whoever is doing the updating is uncovering Alex’s old blog posts. Alex was one of those really dumb people who don’t know how to protect anything on their computers, because his username is Alex and the password is rocky86. This leads to a blog that follows alongside what we saw of the filming of his terrible and pretentious student film masterpiece. I’m looking forward to seeing the blogs degenerate into madness as The Operator takes over. (Literally-I’m sure he helpfully updated Alex’s blog for him.)

I was looking up folklore and found this hilarious little comic about Boojum and Hootin’ Annie. It’s like Beauty and the Beast, with more rednecks.

Poor Wil Wheaton decided to tackle the extreme hatred of his Star Trek character in the only way the Internet understands-by snarking at everything in the series. Watch his analysis of TNG years later when he outgrows his character enough to wish Wesley would shut up as well.

Before: You want to smack the smirk off his face.


Chris and Chad took on Beowulf! With a couple of experts and the delicious voice of Andrew Leman (a few episodes back, everyone listening apparently became pregnant from hearing his voice; Chris and Chad were not sure what to name their children from this eldritch liaison).

A look into how “purity culture” focuses on outward appearances rather than our hearts.

These guys break into creepy old buildings and take pictures. Because this isn’t YouTube, there is a considerable lack of Slender Man, although some of the stories behind the buildings are still chilling.

And last but not least, a very special announcement.

Madness is coming. Great madness, and terror. You thought it was over? Well too bad, because there are still more movies, and a POV sequel. Pray, pray to whatever deity you worship, pray to all space, that you do not live to see this horror.

E.L. James is writing another Fifty Shades book.

You can come out from under the desk, for there is a light on the horizon.

Our only hope is Jenny Trout, who has solemnly promised to destroy her sanity for the sake of tearing the book apart and showing us that bad writing and bad life choices do not mix.

I shall have my popcorn at the ready.

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