Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Book Review: Crimson Shore

I had trouble coming up with actual words to describe this book. Like Pfizer, it's literally indescribable.

But unlike Pfizer, I suspect the Gentlemen prefer us to try to describe their books in words, so here goes nothing.

Pendergast has been hired to do some freelance detective work for a wealthy man from Innsmouth Exmouth. Percival Lake's wine cellar was broken into, and his fabulously rare wine stolen. Wine is, like, super incredibly important to Pendergast, so he takes the job with the only payment being one of the few rare bottles left.

They discover pretty early on that the wine theft was a cover up for something else stolen-a human skeleton that was walled up in the basement! It's a pretty old skeleton, of course, but that begs the question-who wanted to cover up a centuries old murder?

Of course, this is Arkham Exmouth, and the first thing everyone brings up is the witches that supposedly fled Salem and moved there. While Constance is away studying up on witches in Salem proper, Pendergast begins learning more about the town's past, and why a walled up skeleton is of interest to them in the present.

However, even when the mystery is solved, something even darker is going on.

I liked the book. It felt a little disjointed, and I suspect it's because the Gentlemen were very excited to get to the cliffhanger ending. However, it was still a good story, and it definitely gave us a deeper look into the black hole that is Constance's mind.

I admit, I was hoping for some sort of Lovecraft reference, even a small one, but it's okay, because that ending. That ending.

You see...that's so spoilery...

Someone who most certainly should be dead, who the Gentlemen spent years insisting he was dead...

Is back.

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