Monday, April 4, 2016


So, recently I've discovered Wattpad. In a way, it's similar to Fictionpress, but it allows you to upload covers to your stories, so that's a plus. Also, it seems to be a bit more well-known.

A while back, I was writing the company newsletter for my old job, and I put some of my short stories in there. The problem now is that, because the stories have a possibility of being available to the general public, I can't send them out to magazines because most magazines want first rights, which I can no longer give them. So, those stories are going there, while I continue attempting traditional publishing.

Wattpad is free to use, you just need to sign up. No pressure to write anything yourself, or even comment. (But if you want to comment, either to tell me I'm TEH GREATEST WRITAR EVAR or tell me I should be properly ashamed of myself, that's okay too.)

Right now, I have "Polydactyl" and "Lydia" on there. Others, based on much shorter 100 Themes Challenge things I've done, will follow.

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