Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rambling Update #578

So. Finals are over. I have two whole weeks of no school work and, being currently unemployed, no work either. So I have time to do lots of things.

I imagine most of those things will be totally unproductive, but we'll try to get a few things done. Especially as I'm back in Iowa and without cable and the siren lure of Food Network.

When I'm not listening to the Babble On Project podcast (just one other thing I missed the bus for-that seems to happen to me a lot) I'll continue reviewing the books I read and recapping X-Files. I have a few posts where I blather about things going in the book world and have opinions that may hurt people's feelings because I don't agree with them. My next post will be a discussion about a bunch of superheroes punching each other over politics, so basically the Internet. We'll talk about the Internet.

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