Friday, May 27, 2016

X-Files Review: S1 E5: The Jersey Devil

Here we are kids. The infamous Jersey Devil episode.

Look, the concept was...interesting? But when I first watched this, I was fully in my "Jersey Devil obsession" phase. I watched that Animal X episode about it multiple times. I looked up everything I could on our very slow Interwebz. (It was the dark ages, when connecting to the Internet sounded like an angry Velociraptor.)

Let's just recap real quick and I'll explain the problem.

We begin in 1947, when a man is attacked while fixing a flat tire. This is reason #1 that I hate stopping anywhere at night.

It is a sheer miracle that Dale and I were not eaten by Bigfoot, who apparently hangs out in WV now.

Meanwhile, in the 90's, Mulder and Scully discover a case of cannibalism. Unfortunately, this is not a wacky crossover with Silence of the Lambs, so we don't get Hannibal Lecter examining Mulder's sister issues and attempting to flirt with Scully. They try to get access to the investigation, but the detective on the case is feeling territorial, because cops and the FBI apparently hate each other. Unless they're D'Agosta and Pendergast. While Scully gets her flirt on with a single father, Mulder poses as a homeless person and chase down an odd humanoid. He is arrested for being "drunk in public" despite not being drunk, but I guess the detective can get away with it because reasons.

They find a primitive human body in the woods, but Mulder suspects that the real "Jersey Devil" is the creature's mate. Things get crazy as both sides of the investigation try to get to our lady first, and Mulder gets a crush on her. And keeps the picture of her dead naked body. Righto then...

I mean, David Duchovny has always been a bit weird, but...

It ends with a wee baby Jersey Devil staring out, and it would be a lot cooler if it really was a baby Jersey Devil, because that sounds adorable.

So, here's the problem. This could have been any kind of story, but for some reason they called it the Jersey Devil. In fact, they don't even tell the Jersey Devil legend. They say some vague thing about people getting eaten, but that's it. And what bothers me is that they could have done five minutes of research and found out what they needed to know, if they really wanted an episode about the Jersey Devil. Heck, all they had to do was look at the hockey team's logo. And if they wanted a story about Mulder's crazy primitive girlfriend, then they could have called it literally anything else. They could have called it "Mulder's Crazy Primitive Girlfriend".

I was okay with the Scully subplot, as she discovers her work is more fascinating than attempting to find a relationship and because she totally has a crush on Mulder already, but I felt like it was incorporated poorly. How many times does she drive from D.C. to New Jersey in this episode?

Overall, it wasn't one of the better ones, and was rather disappointing.

Or, Discord. They could have made an episode about Discord being the Jersey Devil. In fact, that's my new headcanon.

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