Saturday, June 4, 2016

X-Files Review: S1 E6: Shadows



There are no giant alien spiders in this. AND WE MUST ALL BE THANKFUL FOR THIS.

We start out with a woman getting mugged at the ATM. Then the muggers turn up dead in a back alley the next day. Since this is X-Files, we can assume she didn't just whip out a gun and shoot them because this is MURICA. In fact, the mugger's throats were crushed. Inside. They are also found with an electrical discharge.


Anyways, the woman from before, Lauren, is leaving her job because her boss committed suicide recently, and he was also a close friend. As she packs her things, a mug gets knocked off mysteriously.

Meanwhile, Mulder and Scully examine the footage from the ATM. They find a blurry, ghostly figure, and using the Magic CSI Enhancement Techniques, they realize it looks like Howard Graves, Lauren's boss; they also discover that one of the "muggers" is a terrorist. After questioning Lauren, something takes control of their car. It too has an electrical discharge.

Scully, being Scully, assumes Graves somehow faked his death; but no, he's super dead. Lauren starts having visions which make her realizes Graves was murdered. At her farewell party, Graves' partner Dorlund tries to question her, suspecting she knows more than she's letting on. That night, he sends two assassins to her house. Really obvious assassins, but assassins nonetheless.

THEY GET INVISO-MURDERED. Mulder and Scully arrive in time to see this. They question Lauren on some sales made to the dead terrorist, and Lauren confirms their theory, and explains the weird things that have been happening.

Despite seeing a man dangling in mid-air choked by nothing, Scully has on her Skeptical Glasses.

Here, let me just clean those Skeptical Glasses for you, see if they become less Skeptical.

They take Lauren with me to search the building for evidence. Dorlund has been sneaking around sneakily, and tries to shank Lauren with a letter opener. Ghost!Graves swings into action, destroys everything in an effort to use the letter opener to slit open the wallpaper (ghosts have bad fine motor skills), and the evidence is found on a disc hidden behind wallpaper. Shouldn't we have heard about his desire to fix the wallpaper in his office? Did no one notice that? Anyways, the day is saved, and Lauren moves on to a new job, followed by her slightly stalkery ghost-boss-not!dad figure.

So, not a bad episode, though it was a bit off in tone. Also, this is where Scully's somewhat arbitrary skepticism begins.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go look up Babylon 5 memes.

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